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ActivPanel Promethean

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  • Ultra 4K and Full HD Displays
  • Powerful Display Computing
  • Superior Connectivity
  • Powerful Stereo Sound
  • Mirror Lesson Content
  • Download Apps
  • Connect Bluetooth® Devices

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  • Available in 65″ 4K, 70″ HD, 75″ 4K, & 86″ 4K


The award-winning ActivPanel Promethean is the premium interactive display for immersive learning, providing a tablet-like experience at the front of the classroom. Innovative InGlass™ technology delivers the industry’s most natural writing experience for teachers and students to collaborate with ease.

Providing highly-accurate touch detection, ActivPanel’s InGlass technology creates a smooth pen-on-paper writing performance with no script-lag, enabling teachers and students to collaborate with ease. InGlass automatically detects differences between pen, touch, and palm erase, allowing teachers to teach efficiently without switching between software tools.

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